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The difference new photographer and experienced photographer

Let me tell you a story about the difference between a shoot-and-burn CD photographer and a photographer with experience. There are many differences. Some of them are: Quality. Posing. Guarantee of beautiful images that you will not only like, but LOVE. Audrey called me yesterday and was almost in tears. She liked my pregnancy portraits but decided to go with a shoot-and-burn photographer. When she viewed the shoot-and-burn photographer’s snapshots she was very disappointed. “I do not like a single image! They are not flattering. I need to do a second session with you, Malin!”

This reaction will never happen in my studio. Every session I have ever had, clients walk away feeling excited and happy. When they see the images, they are amazed by all the beautiful moments captured. I create quality portraits, not quantity snapshots.

Today, I received a similar phone call. Shana was the first mom I did the flying wrap pregnancy portraits with. She had a rough delivery and decided to use a friend photographer for her newborn photos. The photographer came to her home and today Shana contacted me for family portraits and said “not a single image came out nicely from the other photographer. They did not look like the sample images on her website – at all. No artistic vision, no posing. I am so disappointed with her, we should simply have come to you.”

I get so sad when I hear stories like these. It is hard to shop for photography these days with so many inexperienced photographers emerging. Make sure your chosen photographer created all the images on her website from scratch. Many new photographers go to workshops and take photos of models posed by instructors. Pressing the shutter on the camera is the easy part. Setting up the pose is the hard part. Setting up the lighting requires experience and  getting that right expression from your subject…not easy. My guarantee is that what you see on my website, I can create for you.  Any image there, is created at my studio showcasing real clients.

MY GUARANTEE is that you will be thrilled with your experience.

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